Is Turnaround in Reality Television Real?


Hear Rettig on Business Rockstars. (Start listening at 59:00 for Ken’s overview and Rettig’s interview.) He compares his experience with clients to the reality shows on television and it just isn’t the same. “I may have to get tough on a client, but my clients are smart people and I treat them that way.” says Rettig. Hear more on how Rettig works with companies that are in financial ruin and what brings them back to life.

As a CEO are you managing the WHOLE checklist, or doing only what you wish to do?


Hear Rettig challenged by Rick Brutti and Mario Castañeda from MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS on UR Business Network on the tough decisions that go into fixing companies in trouble. Learn the intricacies of working with RETTIG, who gets approvals in court to turnaround companies most wouldn’t bother with. » Go to full article on MYOB

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Rettig Corp's Patrick Rettig on Varney & Co.

Rettig weighs in on Toyota’s $1.2 billion settlement, GM’s recall and Game Stop’s outdated technology.

Varney interviews Rettig on the crisis facing GM and GameStop and asks, “What must be done?” Rettig says, “Big businesses lose track, they need to get in the drivers seat and “show customers the love”. Big companies must stop perceiving customers as a line item and own up to what’s required to meet the real needs of the people.” » Watch now

For over 20 years Rettig and Fox have successfully brought failing companies back from the brink. Their system is a unique blend of bankruptcy expertise, exceptional teaching and personalized coaching. This dynamic duo transforms a company from the top down by saving CEOs, jobs, business relationships, marriages and the American dream. We will:

1) Immediately build credibility back into the mix with common sense
2) Establish order and reason to impossible situations
3) Interrupt failure, restore peace of mind

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“His manner and technique is unorthodox, unruly and irreverent. He adheres to the letter of the law, is excruciatingly honest and will not yield to chaos. He is a tireless defender of any corporation he works with. In saving hundreds of companies over the years, Rettig has saved thousands of jobs.”

When seeking assistance as financial troubles ignite, the savvy CEO isn’t interested in a report of findings, opinions or another three months of lost revenue. Rather, what he/she truly wants is immediate relief.

When you work with Rettig, what you get is immediate relief. You will work in a one-on-one confidential environment with a man who has mastered emergency turnaround tactics and reorganization. With decades of defining problem behaviors behind insolvent corporations, Rettig knows how to find the dangers defining your financial troubles. He will teach you to navigate immediate pressures, identify what went wrong, eliminate weakness and realize opportunities. In the first two weeks, you will have a strategy. Your path will clear for, perhaps, the first time in a long while.

As Rettig says…
“Simply call me… I will discuss the ‘Hounds’ snapping at your heel, the ghosts that haunt your every thought. Together, with clear directives, we will dig out from that big black hole of financial hopelessness. We will share a quiet, confidential conversation, possibly the most important exchange of your life.”

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