The Rettig Corporation: Business Turnaround Team


Patrick Rettig, CEOPATRICK RETTIG | CEO and Founder

The Rettig Corporation’s Business Turnaround Team founder Patrick Rettig has been America’s top turnaround man for more than 25 years, hundreds of companies and thousands of jobs.

Patrick succeeds at reorganization by showing CEOs of small and medium sized businesses how to manage all aspects of the business while under extreme financial pressure, often taking on the clients that no one else will.

Patrick has ‘6th sense’ for how to turn troubled businesses around. He operates as an independent CFO, specializing in emergency situations and reorganization. Patrick is a media personality and regular guest on television and radio shows.

JORDAN M. ULCH | Solvency Expert, Immediate and Emergency Solutions
Jordan has degrees in science, business management and hotel and restaurant management. When Jordan was at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, he was their youngest ever Food and Beverage Director. As well as mentoring clients for The Rettig Corporation, he is also the CEO of a successful engineering company that manufactures precision industrial process control equipment.

Jordan and his wife live in Los Angeles.


JULIE ROTHGEB | Solvency Expert, Production Flow and On-site Administration
Julie has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, is a CPA and has a Masters in Business Taxation. Until recently, she had been working in real estate property management, estate planning and cash management. Her role at The Rettig Corporation includes providing evaluation, financial analysis and consulting services for our clients. Her financial reviews provide clients with direction, procedures and cash flow models.

Julie is married with two children and lives with her family in La Cañada. She loves yoga and teaches aerobic dance.


REGINA GULBINAS | Tactical Financial and Cash Flow Analyst, On-site Director
Regina began her career at The Rettig Corporation 10 years ago as bookkeeper and quickly rose to become a controller. She is one of our most valuable assets and works with our clients to create finely-tuned books for more precise cash flow management.

Regina lives in Los Angeles, has two children and loves to read classic literature.


MICHAEL PACE | Web Developer & Designer, Online Marketing
Michael is an energetic and highly-accomplished professional with extensive creative expertise spanning multiple digital formats with proven success. He is an accountable and ambitious web designer & developer, skilled at identifying and isolating creative challenges. He has exceptional digital marketing skills who excels in managing change and engaging resources in a fast-paced environment. He is passionate and motivated by analytics and performance-driven outcomes.


NANCY W. PEACOCK | Marketing & Public Relations
Nancy uses her networking skills and creative talents to raise global awareness of The Rettig Corporation. As the ‘connector’, she forges alliances with key people in the business and entertainment worlds to expand the influence of the Turnaround Team. Nancy has a BA and an MA in History with a Minor in Music. Nancy is the CEO of Washington Street Publishing.

Nancy lives in Nashville, Tennessee, has two children, and loves yoga and songwriting.


RUSSELL M. FRANDSEN, Esq. | Corporate Counsel
Russell has nearly 40 years’ experience with major corporate law firms in Los Angeles and established his own law office in Pasadena in 2007. Russell has expertise includes corporate law, corporate finance, real estate, technology, venture capital, taxation, retail and consumer business.


RICK SAY, CPA | Partner, Lucove, Say & Co.
Rick is a CPA and has qualifications in business administration. He has been meeting the accounting needs of small to medium businesses for over 20 years. He is a partner at the accounting firm Lucove, Say & Co.

Rick plays an active role in his church and in other community programs.

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