Creativity and CEO’s – Accessing Your Non-Linear Mind

I insist that my clients engage in creativity. Creativity is, in fact, an activity of building something from nothing. One begins with a blank canvas and allows their mind to be free to explore, expand, and play with new concepts. I direct my clients to paint, draw, write poetry, and play instruments. Why, because I’m teaching them to exercise the most powerful tool in the human arsenal, their brain. The tool that created cell phone technology, sent man to the moon, created medical breakthroughs, the list goes on and on. For these achievements to have come to realization, it was required that the non-linear mind be exercised and utilized.

Linear Thinking

Linear thinking is just that, when a problem is presented to us and we go about trying to solve it. We think in stages: first step, second step and third step, etc. to process desired outcomes and what will be required to achieve them. We use linear thinking regularly throughout our day to navigate our normal course.

But, what happens when your best linear thinking is not getting you to a satisfactory result? What happens when you’re stuck with unresolved conflict? The answer is you must tap into your non-linear mind.

be creaativeAccessing Your Non-linear Mind

Our non-linear mind is where the powerhouse of solving unresolved conflict resides; our non-linear mind knows no boundaries. So, how do we connect to this powerful tool on-demand? There is a specific process of accessing your non-linear mind. It is as follows:

1. Begin thinking about the problem (unresolved conflict).

2. Begin a ritual, a mind or body activity, which does not require much thinking, and requires use of your hands.  For example: start working on something mechanical or start cleaning something.

You hear examples of this all the time! Have you not heard someone say, I came up with the solution in the shower? Of course you have and now you know why. It’s because they are performing a ritual using their hands, which does not require thinking.

Practice this technique and you will experience results that cannot be ignored.