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Truth and Success vs Truth and Failure

Truth and Success vs Truth and Failure

I have noticed in my travels that people will do what it takes to get out of trouble. Here’s the catch. Whatever spirit got them into trouble in the first place does not go away. On the occasions when clients have survived bankruptcy and come back to fight another...

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Our Mission Is To Provide Guidance To CEOs So That They Can Take Their Businesses From Insolvency To Profitability.(watch a video)

Dismissing the myth that bankruptcy means “ruining your life”

Navigating Business Reorganization with Patrick Rettig

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Rettig On – Fear and Insolvency

Rettig On – Getting Your Life Back

Rettig On – Stigma of Chapter 11

Patrick Rettig – Turn Around Expert

Rettig On – When You’re In Trouble

Rettig On – Making Informed Decisions

Our business at The Rettig Corporation is helping companies overcome the struggle of insolvency, address reorganization and restore stability & profitability. We take an aggressive approach to stop the financial bleeding and reorganize the priorities within a business.

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